Web Manuals Lifecycle

The Document Lifecycle for Manuals


Document Lifecycle for Manuals - Collect InformationCollect Information

The key question when maintaining operational manuals is whether there is critical information which has yet to be incorporated into the manuals and thereby the collective organisational knowledge.

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Document Lifecycle for Manuals - Create DocumentEdit a Manual Document

One of the great challenges when managing a large amount of organisational knowledge is to have the tools to keep the information up-to-date and of high quality.

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Publish a New Revision

A complex document such as an operational manual must follow a well-defined workflow process for publishing new revisions to guarantee a high level of quality and efficiency.

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Document Lifecycle for Manuals - Distribute ManualDistribute a Manual

Once a new revision of a manual has been published, it is of utmost importance that new information is adopted by the members of the organisation promptly.

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Document Lifecycle for Manuals - Check Performance ReportsCheck Performance Reports

To fulfill safety and quality standards, it is vital to have the tools to audit the level of implementation of safety and quality standards in the organisation.

Performance reports show how each team member has retrieved new  revisions ensure the compliance with operational standards.

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