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Precise Document Distribution

Automatic E-mail Reminders

When a new revision of a manual has been published, it is immediately made available on the manuals portal. All published revisions during the day are collected during the night and sent as notification e-mail to affected users.

If a user has not retrieved the updated documents within a stipulated number of days, reminder e-mails will be sent at regular intervals, listing which manuals remain to be downloaded.

E-mails Summarize Document Updates

If a user has access to several manuals that have been updated during the day, only one e-mail is sent, containing a list of all documents that need to be retrieved and a link directly to download area.

Clear Role Structure Avoids Information Overload

There are limitless possibilities of creating an efficient and effective role and content structure to avoid users receiving irrelevant notifications and to ensure that only authorized users access each document.