Our services to help you get going

How does it work?

  1. Contact us for a guided demo
  2. Upload an existing Word document
  3. Edit it and then publish next revision!

Published manuals are immediately available on the portal, on iPads and as PDF's for reading.

Try it out

We offer a two different ways of trying  out Web Manuals:

Guided demo

Try the app

A short introductory session as a web conference where we go through the system together with you and show you any features you want to see. This is done on a demo site with a lot of sample materials in place already.  Download the iPad app from App Store to see how easy it is to read manuals offline. You can find the app by searching for "Web Manuals". The app is already set up to use our demo account.

How do we continue with a full implementation in our operation?

Read about how we conduct a delivery project to help you with setup, training, any adjustments and go-live under Delivery Services.