Web Manuals Reader for iPad

Making controlled knowledge accessible to the aces in aviation

  • Simple and user-friendly iPad app for reading aviation manuals
  • Interactive manuals with convenient linking and navigation
  • Clear highlighting of revision changes
  • Accurate and controlled distribution of updates
  • Integrated with Web Manuals application for writing manuals
  • Works as EFB Class 1/2 or stand-alone device
  • Efficient updating of large documents with minimal data transfer
  • All-inclusive leasing and management available

The Web Manuals Reader for iPad enables instant end-to-end publishing of  manuals, notices and forms in a controlled and accurate manner. The Web Manuals Reader app is suitable for staff working on-board, on ground or at outstations.

The Web Manuals Reader for iPad app connects to the Cloud application Web Manuals, a platform for the digitization of manuals enabling companies in the aviation industry to improve knowledge management and safety while enabling cost-efficiency and operational flexibility.

Download Web Manuals Reader App for iPad on App Store

 The Web Manuals Reader app for iPad is an easy-to-use
 document reader for airline  operations manuals, documents,
 notifications and forms, which enables controlled distribution. 


Key benefits of using a smart manual reader for iPad

The company’s manuals, documents and forms are available offline on the iPad and kept up-to-date with controlled synchronization of new revisions.

Team members can read manuals and can navigate large documents using visual chapter overviews and smart modules for cross-reference links, revision highlights as well as table of contents and alphabetical indexes.

Safety and Compliance

The starting point in aviation safety is accessible knowledge. Web Manuals provides a solid set of tools for end-to-end knowledge management for airlines, maintenance and repair organizations, airports and ground handling agents.

Environment and cost cutting

Replacing paper manuals with tablet computers enables substantial environmental gains and internal cost-cutting. This can enable fuel savings of up to 3000 kg per aircraft per year.

Flexibility and control

Easily accessible knowledge is critical in ensuring flexible and agile operations.  Web Manuals supports a controlled process-oriented approach to managing operational knowledge.

Simple deployment and financing options

All-inclusive leasing and insurance

Web Manuals Sweden AB offers a set of financial solutions for improving knowledge sharing using the iPad. The 24-month leasing option with insurance combined with convenient deployment and maintenance services, provides full hardware coverage with replacement iPads.

Remote management of iOS and upgrades

When fitting a fleet of aircraft or a group of individuals with iPad tablets it is essential to have a complete overview and control over the cost of device maintenance.

Web Manuals Sweden AB offers a complete Life Cycle Management solution for iPads, including initial installation and deployment, two system and app uppgrades per year, and of course, an effective way of limiting the available functionality and applications available on each iPad device.




"We see enormous benefits in achieving a paperless cockpit with our Class 2-approved Electronic Flight Bag. Digitizing the on-board library using the Web Manuals Reader for iPad in conjunction with electronic route manuals were the obvious first steps in saving paper and fuel.”

Anders Fredriksson, NPH Flight Operations
Braathens Regional