Simplify editing and publishing of your manuals

Web Manuals is an end-to-end application for digitizing manuals, enabling control, compliance and agility for the aviation industry.


Simple writing and publishing of manuals

Web Manuals Production is designed for easy writing, reviewing and publishing.
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Controlled distribution

Distribution of manuals is controlled via e-mail to readers with performance reports.
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Knowledge lifecycle

Web Manuals is a solution for the entire lifecycle for manuals from editing to distributing manuals.
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Electronic Flight Bag

Web Manuals offers an iPad enterprise app for reading manuals when offline in the cockpit or the hangar.
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Automate compliance monitoring

Subscribe to updates to the EASA regulations and aviation standards and see exactly how your own manuals are affected by new rules and AMCs.
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The Web Manuals application  includes expert support and quality-assured product upgrades normally twice per year to ensure that you get the most out of it.



"Web Manuals has become a tool that truly inspires the whole organization to achieve continuous improvement in quality, efficiency and safety."

Per Andersson, CEO
Braathens Technical