Braathens Regional

Web Manuals helps Braathens Regional achieve its vision of the paperless airline


Like many airlines, Braathens Regional has been working with Microsoft Word as the tool for writing and editing manuals, and then distributing manuals as PDF files and printing a considerable number of hard copies to employees, partners and to document libraries at each base. 


Over the years, the manuals have been modifed and expanded by different editors. The layout standard has been lost as editors have been using different fonts and styles over time. Furthermore, there was a clear problem of control PDF versions downloaded to employee’s computers and available in hard copy at site libraries. Lastly, working in Microsoft Word requires a large number of time-consuming tasks for an editor to perform and keep in mind when preparing and publishing a new revision. These things together result in a negative impact on quality and safety.


Braathens Regional has a vision of being a paperless airline with a full control of manuals and other operational documents. Since 2010, Web Manuals Sweden AB has provided Braathens Regional with an end-to-end solution for production and distribution of manuals, notifications and forms.


Having one system, with one layout and one standard for control, makes it easy to publish new revisions. A number of functions are automated, such as List of Effective Pages and cross-reference lists. This keeps track on the workflow from A to Z. At Braathens Regional they also use the system for all minutes of meetings as well as for distributing approvals, forms and other controlled documents.

Quality and safety experiences

“To set high standards in quality we need experienced employees and the right tool to secure knowledge within the organisation. And we must be able to share it easily, quick and safely at the same time. That’s why we chose Web Manuals.”
- Elisabeth Broman, Flight Ops Administrator  Braathens Regional

"With Web Manuals, we achieved IOSA compliance in record time. We have probably set a new speed record in publishing a manual revision. An amendment was quickly written and approved internally, and then sent to the Swedish CAA at 15:01. The revision was accepted by the CAA at 13:59 the day after and published 15:59!"
- Louise Larsson, QM Braathens Regional

About Braathens Regional

Braathens Regional is a regional web-lease operator based at Trollhättan -Vänersborg's Airport, Sweden with 17 aircraft and about 350 employees. Since early 2012 Braathens Regional is a part of Braathens Aviation,  a corporate group owned by Braganza AS. The group consists of Malmö Aviation, Sverigeflyg, Braathens Technical, Braathens IT Solutions, Braathens Training, Braathens Leasing and Braathens Regional (formerly Golden Air).