About Web Manuals

Our vision

To be the leader in digitizing manuals for the aviation industry.

Our mission

To simplify digitizing of manuals to enhance control, compliance and agility.

What we do

Web Manuals helps the aviation industry attain increased control and improved efficiency in operational knowledge management,  in collaboration with industry and regulatory entities.

With offices in Malmö, Sweden and San Diego, California, we work with a global perspective on the aviation industry, building partnerships with the leading experts and suppliers in aviation knowledge management.

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Selected clients

The benefits we bring our clients

We set the standard for digitizing manuals for the aviation industry by offering a streamlined solution enabling end-to-end control, compliance, agility, and cost-efficiency.

In short, our clients save time and money in editing, publishing, and distributing their operational manuals while being able to publish new revisions as often as needed and gain a full control of their documentation and communication systems.

Our values and operating principles




We are pioneering new
standards and solutions for
operational knowledge.
We energize our clients
through a vibrant partnership.
We acknowledge our impact
on flight safety and our clients’ success.
We advance flight safety
by voicing the impact of
knowledge management.
We develop the aviation
community by spurring
knowledge sharing and growth.
We build our success on the
confidence we earn.
We strive for leadership
through innovation and
We love what we do. We are committed to the
highest standards in everything we do.



Web Manuals Sweden AB was founded in 2012 as a part of a strategic acquisition of competence, technology, and clients from Tibet Server AB to focus on knowledge management solutions for the aviation industry. A young company but with a long history of large-scale solutions for demanding clients, having provided mission-critical software services to the aviation industry since 2007.

In 2014, Web Manuals Inc., a subsidiary in the USA, was established. Within weeks, Web Manuals Inc. had signed its first client and partner, opening the door to the largest market in aviation.

​​The state-of-the-art technology behind the Web Manuals application has been developed since 2002 and has provided clients with millions of hours of peace-of-mind through its secure and stable application hosting.


The team behind Web Manuals has a corporate history spanning back to 2001.

Martin Lidgard

Martin Lidgard, CE0 and Founder 

Previously CEO and co-founder of Tibet Server AB and CEO and co-founder of Arkatay Consulting AB. Contact information for Martin Lidgard

Richard Sandström, CTO and Founder 

Previously Product Owner and partner at Tibet Server AB.

Susanne Larsen, Sales Director 

Commercial Pilot at Swedish Business Jet Operator. 
Contact information for Susanne Larsen


Krister ​Genmark, Regional Manager Western United States 

Contact information for Krister Genmark

Paul Sandström, Customer Success and Product Manager 

Contact information for Paul Sandström

Stefan Bundgaard, Service Desk Manager 

Contact information for Stefan Bundgaard

Adriana Sava, Financial Controller and Compliance Manager 

Contact information for Adriana Sava

Annika Fagerström, Training Instructor and Sales Developer 


Daniel Ashe, Marketing Executive 


Victor, Developer


Mikael, Developer

Affiliations and Certifications

Web Manuals Sweden AB and Web Manuals Inc. have the following affiliations and certifications:

  • European Business Aviation Association / EBAA (www.ebaa.org)
  • National Business Aviation Association / NBAA (www.nbaa.org)
  • Swedish Aviation Group (www.swedishaviationgroup.com)
  • ISO-9001 Certified in 2013
  • ISO-12207 (Software life cycle processes) Certified in 2014
  • ISO-16085 (Risk management in life cycle processes) Certified in 2014
  • ISO-27001 (Information security management) Certified in 2014